Forget the upcoming Leaf EV — Nissan has other snazzy electric vehicles waiting in the concept phase. The latest is the New Mobility Concept, a golf cart-like EV that is, according to Nissan, easy, innovative, safe, and clean.

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Designed to meet the needs of single households and the elderly, the ultra-compact vehicle is designed for short distance driving. Nissan imagines that the car could be “used as a private commuter vehicle in the mornings and evenings, and as a corporate car during business hours,” and that it could one day be part of a public transportation service linking public transportation and electric vehicles.

The vehicle was unveiled this week in Japan, although there is no word on whether the concept vehicle will ever go into production. It is, however, a positive sign that Nissan is actively working on mass-market EVs for a variety of customers. Stay tuned.

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