Today in Japan, Nissan announced it will put a new hybrid system in its upcoming cars that is as powerful as its current V6 engine. The system manages this feat even while improving fuel economy by 10 percent by making use of a supercharger. Rumor is this system will show up first on Nissan’s next-generation Altima in 2013. What kind of performance can you expect?

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Current Nissan V6s produce 260 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque, which in a light sedan is enough power to have plenty of fun. Nissan will pair this system with its Continuously Variable Transmission (which is somewhat less fun, producing sloshy gear changes). New supercharged hybrid systems are planned for rollout across Nissan’s vehicle lineup, so expect more news on this in the coming months and years as Nissan pushes its product line green.

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