The Nissan LEAF‘s first and most passionate buyers are having an increasingly hard time getting their hands on the actual car. The company finally admits that many of the 20,000 customers who pre-ordered the electric vehicle will have to wait for several more months before they get delivery on the LEAF. Those who ordered the car last summer may have to wait until May or June.

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Nissan claims that delays are necessary to ensure quality control. For EVs to go mainstream, early adopters need to be extremely satisfied with the car, so they can spread the word to more mainstream buyers — and Nissan is attempting to guarantee a problem-free purchase.

That being said, a growing number of LEAF buyers are getting restless about being kept in the dark about their estimated delivery dates and several media reports indicate that customers are threatening to jump ship.

Brian Carolin, Nissan’s Senior Vice President of Sales, admits that the company should have managed expectations better, though he told USA Today, that LEAF buyers “seem very committed, and few will lose interest.”

The first LEAF was delivered last month and costs $33,630 to start. The LEAF is the first mainstream electric vehicle to hit markets and for now, that will keep Nissan afloat. Chevy Volt customers, on the other hand, have wait times of about two-to-four months, which is in line with expectations.

Via USA Today