It’s widely known that range anxiety is one of the main reasons why car buyers haven’t whole-heartedly adopted the new crop of electric vehicles. BMW and Chevy have answered this range anxiety issue with models like the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, with their range extending engines and now Nissan has confirmed plans to offer a new electric vehicle with a small combustion engine.

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Unlike regular plug-in hybrids, the range extender will not be able to send power directly to the wheels in Nissan’s new EV. Instead the small gasoline engine will act as a generator to charge the battery pack when it’s drained. Rather than use the new powertrain in the Leaf, Nissan is instead going to use an entirely different vehicle. According to Yoshi Shimoida, Nissan’s Deputy General Manager, EV and HEV engineering division, Nissan has no plans in the immediate future to put a combustion engine in the Leaf.

Shimoida also revealed that the new vehicle will debut sometime in 2016, “Next year we announce what it’s called.”

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