When it comes to home energy storage systems, consumers may soon have several options from which to choose. Nissan announced an upcoming UK trial for its xStorage system, made from recycled car batteries, which rivals Tesla’s Powerwall. The vehicle-to-grid (V2G) trial will allow electric car owners to sell power back to the grid, further solidifying the vision of a sustainable future.

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Nissan revealed its wall-mounted xStorage battery to be used in the V2G trial. One hundred owners of Nissan LEAF cars or e-NV200 electric vans will have the unit installed in their home, through which they can sell unused, stored energy from their vehicles back to the country’s grid. The battery can be connected to renewable sources of energy collection, such as solar panels, or to conventional energy supplies. Either way, residents will be able to save resources and money by charging during off-peak hours and using stored energy when costs are higher.

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Paul Wilcox, chairman at Nissan, said, “Smart energy management is one of the biggest challenges any nation faces for the future, which is why this trial is so critical in assessing the feasibility of using variable, more flexible energy sources.” The UK currently has 18,000 electric Nissan vehicles driving around, which evokes optimism for what the trial could mean for the future. Wilcox adds, “If that was scaled up where all the vehicles on UK roads are electric, vehicle-to-grid technology could generate a virtual power plant of up to 370 GW,” or enough to power the UK, Germany, and France combined.

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The xStorage battery will be ready for pre-order this September and will cost $4,350 (£3000). Tesla’s Powerwall costs $3,500 (£2,300) each and the Mark II model is rumored to come out some time this summer. Even though climate change is a sobering certainty, the public’s enthusiasm for cleaner energy is just as undeniable.


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