We’ve featured furniture made from baked goods before, but now Israeli designer Nitsan Debbi has cooked up a batch of working electronic products made of bread! Debbi removed the original exterior cases of clocks, radios, and flashlight, and then baked the components into fresh loaves. The edible electronics are certainly mouthwatering, although we’re not so sure about their shelf life.

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Nitsan Debbi is currently working on her Masters Degree in Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Her new project aims to highlight the contrast between “high-tech and low-tech”. This has led her to combine electricity and baking to create a fresh batch of unique, edible products. “I used the breads’ crust as a new shell for a series of electrical products, said Nistan. “By replacing the plastic with a new shell, a unique texture and look is created. The baked products are clocks, radios, and torches. And they work!”

+ Nitsan Debbi

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