There are plenty of water filtration systems that promise to help rid your tap water of microorganisms and bacteria, but what happens to all the natural minerals? That’s where the NKD AQUA POD comes in with its promise to turn ordinary tap water into pure mountain quality spring water as you drink. Coming in the form of a portable water bottle, the NKD AQUA POD is said to not only filter your water but also supercharge it with natural minerals and electrolytes.

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The NKD AQUA team says its filtration system was designed to emulate the way water runs down a natural mountain stream, picking up minerals and oxygen to create “microclusters” in the liquid. Believing that this is the most efficient way to rehydrate bodies, the NKD AQUA team equipped their device with a unique “FILTRON” system that filters out heavy metals, 99 percent of the bacteria, as well as odd flavors like chlorine and the gritty carbon taste from other carbon filters.

The NKD AQUA POD also promises to supercharge the 585 milileters of water you put into the bottle with minerals and electrolytes as if it was found in nature. Meanwhile, the company promises each replaceable filter is good for up to 300 uses.

The project is currently trying to garner enough support on Kickstarter to make its manufacturing dreams in the United States a reality. As of this writing, you can grab a NKD AQUA POD bottle for as little as £22 (or $36). The filter-equipped bottles are expected to start shipping next year starting in February.

via Kickstarter