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Everyone knows that taking public transportation can sometimes take longer than going by car. According to surveys, however, where you wait can make a big difference–if the place feels unsafe or confining, waiting for the train can feel three times longer than it actually is. NL Architects’ contemporary transformation makes waiting less of a drag by adding interest and functionality to keep travelers occupied.

Since the station is temporary, the architects built the station using shipping containers for flexible and easy installation. The station’s distinctive sculptural facade is formed by the intersection of three horizontally-suspended containers that create a roof above a glazed waiting area with a fourth container that’s flipped upright to create a clock tower topped with a weathervane. A gilded chicken is mounted on the weathervane to reference Barneveld’s name as Netherland’s egg capital.

Two of the horizontally laid shipping containers will be used as storage, with the third opening up at the bottom to create a double-height room that could be used as a gallery space. The new bathroom is located in the tall clock tower and is lit with natural light from an above skylight. In addition to WIFI and artwork, the Barneveld Noord Station includes a small café and a bike-repair shop.

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