Although much more efficient and durable than the ordinary incandescent light bulbs, not to mention more sustainable, LED bulbs are still too expensive for the average customer with prices ranging from $20 to $35 or more. But now Oregon-based start-up NliteN has unveiled their new dimmable LED bulb that is just 2mm thick and costs only $9.99!

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The NliteN’s dimmable 2D-Lite “light disk” emits 800 lumen (equivalent of 60-watt) and will be available in 4000K “cool” and 3000K “warm” versions by next spring. Thanks to its shape, the initial price of the bulb could shrink to as little as $6. The smaller amount of material that would go into manufacturing the bulb would significantly cut the final product cost, according to the company’s founder Andy Turudic.

The company is currently looking to raise money to manufacture the product through their Indiegogo campaign. The design was submitted as an entry for the Philips’ Innovation Fellowship competition, which it co-sponsors with Indiegogo. Nlite plans to work on expanding their offer to warmer and cooler colored bulbs, 2700K an 5000K, and have them available by the middle of next year.

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+ Philips’ Innovation Fellowship Competition

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