We first introduced you to Nokero this summer, when the company unveiled its N100 solar light bulb, which also happened to be the only one in the world at the time. Now, we’re bringing you news that the N100 was recently stripped of the title of the world’s best solar light bulb by none other than, well, its predecessor, the N200. The N200 is small, lightweight, and durable, and Nokero describes it as “humanity’s best chance at ending the dangerous and polluting practice of burning kerosene fuel for lighting.” An astounding quarter of the world’s population still burns fossil fuels for light, resulting in 190 million tons of carbon dioxide being released into the air each year.

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The Nokero N200 has three modes: on, off, and turbo-task, making it extremely versatile. The bulb has the ability to last six or more hours on just one day’s charge, and in turbo-task mode, can last 2.5 hours per night or more. The N200 has a single, lightweight solar panel that can be pivoted toward the sun to maximize charging efficiency during the day, and at night it can be hung outside as a nightlight or placed inside to read by.

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