Nokero Solar’s affordable new N180 and N222 solar light bulbs bring off-the-grid lighting to a new audience. Ridiculously easy to use, these bulbs charge up with a built-in solar panel and provide hours of power and light in any situation. The innovative bulb is great for many situations, including disaster relief and camping, and even replace kerosene lights in impoverished nations.

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Both models of the new Nokero solar bulbs can be powered up with the sun or from an electric outlet with the included converter cable. At just $6, the N180 model is the world’s most affordable solar light bulb. Making off the grid lighting even more accessible, the Nokero N180 can make significant improvements to off-grid and impoverished regions, paying for itself in less than two months with savings normally spent on candles and kerosene.

The Nokero N222 takes solar lighting to the next level with a converter that charges smart phones using only solar energy, which is affordably priced at $45. Both models are rain proof, ensuring easy care and longevity, and the light emitting diode (LED) can be hung on the included hook or attached to a stand for table top lighting. Durable rechargeable batteries have a life of almost two years and automatically shut off in bright daylight.

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