This week in London, Nokia unveiled an OLED smart phone that is controlled by flexing the device with both hands. By bending corners and pushing sides inward and outward — kind of like playing the saw — the user can scroll, zoom and select. Though the device is pretty big (about the size of a standard remote), it still appears to be a revolutionary step forward in the smart phone world. Check out CNET’s video of the phone in action after the jump.

Lead image by CNET

The smart phone prototype was unveiled at Nokia World in London this week and has the gadget world buzzing with ideas about future products, and how exactly this product would enter the market. It is hard to imagine a phone that requires both your hands’ focus to control, especially considering that our society has a multi-tasking disease, but some form of this seems market-feasible if the company were able to create a device that could be controlled with just one hand.

The researchers on hand at Nokia World were not open to discussing exactly how the processor behind the twisty screen functioned, but they did say that it would be compatible with most current operating systems. Nokia actually didn’t display the prototype with a phone integrated, the display was focused on photos and browsing, but they say it is capable of integrating an operating phone and camera.

Having watched the mesmerizing video a few times we’re actually a bit more convinced that this is more likely to be more fun while playing video games rather than calling your mom. The folks at Nokia said that squeezing or bending the phone would most likely be the cue for hanging up, looks like tense conversations could make for a lot of dropped calls.