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Maison Air et Lumiere, Nomade Architects, active house, green home, eco home, solar home,

In designing this private home in Verrières-le-Buisson, France, Nomade Architects first adapted the home to its environment by orientating it to the light, views and natural slope. Modular in concept, the home is build from three basic forms, which could be used in different configuration for other projects in the future. Nomade also wanted to take advantage of the fifth facade, ie the roof as both a design element and a functional space in that can do work.

Maison Air et Lumière is completely open to the sky and filled with natural light, but was carefully designed to minimize overheating. Nomade utilized the Velux Daylight Visualizer to simulate lighting conditions and light levels for each room. Then natural openings and operable windows work with the form of the house to create a natural chimney effect to pull in fresh air and exhaust warmer air. Attention to the home’s envelope and permeability allowed the design team to carefully control and optimize energy use. An energy efficient heat pump is used to control the climate, while a rooftop solar system heats hot water and a PV system generates electricity. Sustainable and healthy materials like wood, linoleum, plaster and glass further minimize the home’s impact.

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Images ©Adam Mork