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Nomadic Resorts’ mobile Looper pod is made from a lightweight tensile fabric stretched over a sustainably sourced wooden frame. The structure’s shape was inspired by the form of caterpillars – it’s made up of segments that fold out to create a curvilinear structure. Each pod includes a bathroom, a large changing room, an air-conditioned sleeping area, a small office with Wifi, and an indoor/outdoor lounge complete with entertainment system. With the flick of a switch, the indoor lounge’s roof opens to reveal the sky, bringing guests into the outdoors without leaving their pod-suite.

Each pod is capped with a solar canopy that powers LED lights and an extremely efficient air-conditioning system. Water is provided by a rainwater harvesting tank that recycles wastewater, and hot water is generated by a solar heater. The shape of the pod is designed to encourage cross ventilation and provide shade, and the exterior membrane is recyclable, but also durable enough to last for decades. At night when lit from within, the pods look like glowing arthropods on the terrain.

The versatile Looper pod can be constructed on sand dunes in the desert, on rafts for floating resorts, or even added to an existing structure.

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