Here is the most exciting development in toilet technology that you will see this week. The NoMix toilet has two receptacles – one for urine, and one for feces. You might not think it, but the environmental benefits of switching to these toilets are actually quite significant. So what is stopping us? According to the latest study by Judit Lienert and Tove Larsen, not much!

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The study sampled a number of NoMix pilot programs in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark. Overall, 84% thought that the toilets were a great idea, with 79% thinking that they would happily take one into their homes. Sadly, as with most new technologies, a large number would not pay for the additional costs of the toilet. Some also mentioned the additional labor involved in cleaning them.

The benefits of this system lie in separating both types of waste. By keeping urine out of the sewers, nitrogen and phosphorous could be recovered. In addition waste water treatment plants would become more efficient. If you want more information take a look at the study at the link below.