Earlier today we highlighted the TOPO Table from NONDesigns, which struck our fancy with its elegant infusion of topography and horticulture. But what really knocked our socks off in their booth was the WET Lamp.

This spherical handblown glass lamp is filled with water and has a lightbulb submerged inside. A thin silver rod slides through an opening in the top of the lamp, illuminating the bulb as it enters the water. The farther you slide it in, the brighter the light gets, creating a built-in ambient dimmer.

Its hard to do justice to how cool this is simply with photographs, so we highly encourage you to watch the online video >

The WET Lamp is a brilliant take on employing raw principles of electrical conduction as a design in itself. The lamps can be linked together with their bright red wires, creating a scene that’s a little bit science fair, a little bit art.

+ NONDesigns