Those of you who own an iPad will be familiar with one very annoying flaw: the less-than-optimal back-facing speaker. In order to bring the volume up without resorting to external speakers or headphones, Nonlinear Studio created Amplifiear. This clever, low-tech accessory is made from recyclable ABS plastic and can be clipped to the corner of any iPad model, boosting your favorite tunes while keeping it streamlined and stylish.

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To get their design off the ground, the Brooklyn-based studio crowd-sourced funds through Kickstarter earlier this year. Not surprisingly, the device attracted plenty of iPad users who loved it enough to back the project, and the studio pulled in pledges well over four times their target. Thanks to that early kick, the Amplifiear is now being produced in the US.

The compact, low-tech device is as straightforward as it gets; simply clip it onto the corner of your iPad and it will reflect and project the sound coming from your tablet’s speaker. The Amplifiear is said to be able to boost an iPad’s volume by up to 10 dB – all without the use of wiring, batteries, or other sources of power.

The design comes in six different colors wrapped in minimal, biodegradable packaging.

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