Concern regarding the origins of the products we consume is increasing, and cities like New York, São Paulo, and Paris are filled with mini-markets for organic produce, street fairs with local producers, and even urban gardenson top of buildings. A Portuguese start-up wants to bring the countryside to the city and involve like-minded individuals in the growing urban agriculture movement: Noocity Urban Ecologyis seeking funding and support for their new Noocity Growbeds via the Indiegogocrowdfunding platform.

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Urban agriculture is far more than a trend—it’s a movement that can make a telling contribution to more conscious consumption and a more sustainable society. Whether at home or in restaurants, we want to consume tastier, healthier, and more sustainable food. The Noocity Growbed is an ideal way to grow food close to home: it’s an urban vegetable garden featuring a sub-irrigation system (considered the most effective way of growing plants in soil). Self-sufficient for up to three weeks, Noocity’s Growbed solves common problems such as excess or insufficient watering and drastically reduces water loss through evaporation or drainage. Remarkably, it also consumes up to 80 percent less water than conventional cultivation systems.

Now live on Indiegogo, the founders have reached 50 percent of their fundraising goal after just three days. With this campaign, they intend to finance a larger-scale production of the Noocity Growbed and fund further research and development. Check out the video aboveto see the products currently in development that will complete the Noocity Urban Food Cycle, including a food dehydrator, and an easy home composting system.

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