Go back to school in sustainable style with Noon Solar sexy new solar handbags! We first wrote about Noon Solar in 2007, when the Chicago-based design company blew us away with their unusually stylish take on the typically boxy / techy solar powered bag. We love the idea of photovoltaic solar power bags in general, but most of the available options are so uninspired in terms of aesthetics, that when Noon Solar’s impeccably tailored designs hit the scene, they came as a breath of fresh air for those of us who want to look good while also trying to do good.

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And as if portable renewable energy generation and gadget charging in a sexy package wasn’t enough eco inspiration, all the other materials comprising Noon Solar bags, from hand-dyed hemp to vegetable-tanned leathers, are sustainably sourced as well. While we loved Noon Solar’s first batch of solar handbags, we are thrilled to announce that now the company has a whole new batch of sexy new designs coming out for Fall 2008, so now there are even more options for the hip & tech-savvy lady or gent who wants to radiate sustainable style.

The Chicago company’s latest line of new bags has just been released, consisting of five new eco chic designs that can charge everything from your cell phone to iPod while you strut around town. My pesonal favorite, the Cortland, (probably the girliest design) now comes in a head-turning combination of black and white, and some of the other original designs, like the Logan, also have new color palette updates. There are also several completely new designs, such as the beachy looking Oakley, and the sporty-looking Augusta. Now you have several more reasons to upgrade to a solar-powered bag!

By integrating gadget-charging solar panels into these gorgeous bags, Noon Solar not only offers the convenience of portable power, but also a great opportunity for fashionistas to learn about and incorporate renewable energy into their daily lives.

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