While replacing lazy summer afternoons with crisp autumn mornings doesn’t exactly make us want to jump for joy, at least we can do it with panache! Whether you’re trudging woefully back to campus or dragging your lifeless body into your cubicle, NoonSolar bags can enervate more than just your spirits. These slick messengers and purses collect the rays of the sun and churn them into fresh juice for your PDA, iPod or other must-be-charged gadget. And with everyone’s minds on energy, these smart bags may even give your class/office popularity index a boost when you supply those in need with power off of your “personal grid.” Read on to check out two of our favorite NoonSolar styles.

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Named for one of the longest and most bikeable streets in Chicago, the tailored Elston messenger bag will easily add class and polish to any ensemble. Made of buttery, chocolate brown leather, this bag is made to last and provides enough spark to power your cell phone or mp3 player.


cortland multi-colors
The elegant Cortland is an oldie but goodie that we’ve kept in our shop because it simply doesn’t go out of style. Roomy enough to fit all your books and folders, but petite enough to maintain its tidy look, this chic purse comes in black, midnight, chocolate or midnight/ivory leather which is chrome-free and naturally-tanned and dyed.


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