The historic city of Augustenborg, Denmark may soon provide a new view of its surrounding waters thanks to a revitalized city center complete with a modern castle. Successfully combining old and new, Deve Architects plan to transform the city’s aging industrial buildings into a new downtown area that celebrates the country’s modern yacht culture. The new plans call for ground-source heat pumps, wind turbines, and biogas as well as solar arrays and kinetic plates to generate energy.

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In Deve Architects‘ plan the industrial areas surrounding Augustenborg Palace will be repurposed to serve as cultural institutions for the renewed city center. The construction will also open up the city’s skyline to the marina while providing ample green space that blends into the country landscape. According the designers, “the new city center will seize the waterfront from industry and provide more intimate moments of interaction for all people within the natural environment.

The new public space will also be primarily pedestrian-oriented, helping build community within the city: “By preserving some of the existing industrial structures, and infusing them with some of the cultural relevance of a castle, it is possible ot create a vibrant new extension of the city.

+ Deve Architects