World-renowned architect Sir Norman Foster seems to be making a lot of friends in the former Soviet Union, with news of new Foster design proposals in Russia and Central Asia being approved almost every month. Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana already features two Foster designed marvels: a stunning Palace of Peace and Reconciliation pyramid structure and another tent-like development called Khan Shatyry Entertainment Centre soon to be completed late next year. Now, if plans are approved, Kazakhstan will soon see the development of two gigantic twin towers in Almaty, thanks to the iconic British architect.

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Almaty is Kazakhstan’s largest city and financial capital, and could soon outshine the glamorous new official capital of Astana with these proposed twin towers. The twin 48 floor skyscrapers are dubbed “Almaty Financial District Fosters Towers”, and at 708 feet, they will be the tallest buildings in Kazakhstan when completed in 2009. New towers and smaller buildings around it will house offices, residential apartments as well as retail spaces on the lower floors. The design also incorporates 1,600 space three story underground garage for the occupants.

The Foster Towers will have glass facades with the firm’s signature diagrid pattern (similar to London’s Gherkin and the Hearst Tower in New York City.) The top of the towers will feature roof gardens where the workers will be able to relax, and the base will incorporate a glass topped canopy with pedestrian walkways connecting the two towers. The development will be located right near the heart of Almaty Financial District. Right now, we can’t find out much architectural detail about the structures, but knowing Foster’s penchant for high-tech environmental systems,we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that green building techniques are well incorporated into the Almaty Towers design. We look forward to finding out more about this eye-catching design proposal.

+ Foster Designs Kazakh Twin Towers Via SkyscraperNews