Oslo-based design company Neue has just won the competition for the design of Norway’s new passport. The winning entry is sleek, minimalist and captures the country’s gorgeous natural environment. Landscapes drawn on the pages transform under UV light to reveal vistas of the Northern Lights in the night sky. The competition jury praised the design for its simplicity and distinctive look.

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Norway’s National Police Directorate announced the winning entry this week. It features simplified depictions of the country’s mountainous landscapes. Under UV light these seemingly simple drawings transform into beautiful nighttime views of landscapes illuminated by the Aurora borealis. In addition to the creatively conceived inner pages, the new passport features a redesign of the cover, decorated with a modern version of the national crest and unusually bold colors. The passports come in white, turquoise and red, for immigrant, diplomat and standard categories respectively.

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The designers will continue collaborating with the National Police Directorate in order to put the finishing touches on the design and adapt its look to any additional practical requirements that may arise. The new version of the passport is expected to be released within the next two years.

+ Neue Design Studio

Via The Guardian and Gizmodo