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Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio’s Klemet theater is set in a valley, and it takes advantage of the site’s natural slope to provide “stadium” seating with the stage set at the lowest point. The benches are made from local, naturally felled trees, and simple tree stumps from local sawmills serve as make-shift individual stools. The stage consists of a carpet of grass illuminated by a row of foot lights.

A low, arching wall made of sod creates a semi-circle around the back of the performance area. This provides a backdrop without obscuring the majestic forested mountain behind the stage. Each of the towers is made from recycled timber from abandoned houses in the region. The towers symbolize a shaman’s drumsticks, and they are used to direct light and sound to the audience. Natural haystacks are also used as stage props and stools, emulating the bucolic surrounding area. The environmental theater provides a venue to celebrate local heritage and folklore.

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