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Per Kristian Nygård, grass sculpture, landscape art, landscape installation, wooden framework, exhibition, living sculpture, Oslo gallery, Norway, contemporary art

Per Kristian Nygård’s works explore the possibilities of space. His latest grassy installation merges an organized architectural environment with the organic nature of landscapes. The large piece inhabits the gallery space and causes an intuitive and physical response to the experience of “entering a space where everything’s wrong but feels right,” said the artist.

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Wooden frameworkwas used to construct the valleys and hills of the sculpture. The framework was covered with plastic sheets and a thin layer of soil impregnated with grass seed. The seeds sprouted over the course of the exhibition and the landscape was regularly watered and tended to. Patches of soil are visible in certain parts while most of it became covered with wispy blades of grass.

+ Per Kristian Nygård

Via HUH. Magazine, Dezeen

Photos by Jason Olav Benjamin Havneraas