The Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway has found a way to attract animal-loving guests from around the world by launching the world’s first dog sled taxi to pick guests up from the nearby Kirkenes Airport. Tourists will be provided with a thermal suit and be given time to get to know their canine companions before embarking on a 45-minute ride through the snowy scenery.

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Photo © Randi Hausken

In order to offer this unique experience to guests, the hotel had to seek the blessing of the local municipality and the environmental authority that oversees reindeer and other wildlife in the region. Because of the proximity of the airport to the Russian border, even the Norwegian defense services needed to get involved in the project’s approval.

Each sled is guided by a team of eight Alaskan huskies, and the ride itself costs guests around $372. The hotel is home to 200 sled dogs, which guests can get to know a little better over the course of their vacation through tours, wilderness trips, and even lessons on dog sledding. This fits in well with some of the other offerings at the Snowhotel, including ice fishing, show-shoeing, and the chance to feed reindeer.

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Lead photo © Visit Greenland