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Many people choose to watch the tower crumble from their boats in the adjacent harbour, while others opt for dry land to catch a glance of the sky-high flames. It’s not the first time the town has put together a bonfire of this size either – in 2010, they set a world record for the tallest bonfire at 132.71 ft.

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Midsummer is celebrated all across Europe, but in Norway they have taken the bonfire idea to new heights. The event normally falls on June 23, and in the past involved pilgrimages to churches and holy springs, as well as mock weddings between children that were meant to symbolize new life.

While it’s an important part of their culture, you can’t help but wonder if there is a better use for all the pallets that get turned to ash, or an equally impressive way to celebrate Midsummer that doesn’t have an impact the environment. Norway already leads by example when it comes to green initiatives in Europe, which means they could be the perfect nation to find more eco-friendly ways to celebrate cultural events that are incompatible with the current state of the planet.

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Images by Marius Helland Bøstrand, Geir Halvorsen, Cecilie, Torgeir Elveland