If you’ve ever been told to reach for the moon, we have the perfect light for you. Japanese designer Nosigner has created a gorgeous spherical lamp that puts the whole moon in the palm of your hands. Inspired by the super moon that shined down on March 19th, Nosigner create a topographically-accurate replica in the form of a LED light. In Japan, the moon is a light of hope, something that Nosigner knows the Japanese need more than ever right now as they rebuild after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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“Every one of [the] Japanese who [was] wounded by the earthquake prayed to the super moon,” said Nosigner in a newsletter. The stunning lamp was exhibited at Dwell on Design this past weekend in Los Angeles. Using data collected from the the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya, the designer created an accurate model of the moon that glows with an LED lightbulb, ensuring that you’ll never see the dark side of the moon.

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