With its blend of clinically studied prebiotic fibers and tremella mushroom extract, Gut Glow supports gastrointestinal health, relieves discomfort associated with conditions like IBS and aids in immune system regulation. Furthermore, as a certified B Corporation, Bend Beauty is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable practices. 

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Gut Glow stands out from typical fiber supplements by combining scientifically proven prebiotic fibers with a 10 to one tremella mushroom extract. This unique blend supports gut function and aids in immune system regulation, going beyond simple fiber supplementation. The soluble fibers in Gut Glow are well-tolerated by the gut bacteria, acting as a source of nourishment for beneficial microbes and improving intestinal regularity. 

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Unlike other fiber supplements that can be goopy and difficult to drink, Gut Glow offers a tasteless and clear dissolving formula. It can be easily added to any hot or cold beverage without altering the taste. 

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The product is vegan and certified organic, ensuring it aligns with ethical and environmentally conscious values. Moreover, Bend Beauty’s focus on minimizing its impact on the environment is reflected in the packaging of Gut Glow. The 240 grams powder comes in a recyclable, carbon-negative bio-pouch, providing a greener alternative to traditional packaging. 

As a B Corp, Bend Beauty goes above and beyond to reduce its carbon footprint and support environmental causes. Bend Beauty’s facilities are powered entirely by green energy from solar, wind and low impact hydro sources. This commitment to renewable energy sources helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

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Bend Beauty’s membership in 1% for the Planet demonstrates their dedication to environmental preservation. Donating 1% of each sale to environmental nonprofits, Bend Beauty helps fund important campaigns focused on conserving marine resources and protecting endangered species.

The company has also developed a responsible supply chain strategy to minimize environmental impact. This includes thorough environmental impact screenings for office supplies, electronics, food and cleaning agents. The company also prioritizes organic and regenerative ingredients whenever possible and ensures sustainably harvested marine ingredients.

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With an eye on the future, Bend Beauty is continuously striving to improve its sustainability practices. The company is actively working to reduce waste and choose eco-friendly materials for their products. The company also plans to perform screening Life Cycle Assessments on all their products to gain more accurate data for calculating carbon offset quantities.

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