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The sleek Travelbox is perfect for the avid traveler, or the urban nomad who finds themselves switching locations often. Packed up, the silver box is durable enough for the wear and tear of international travel, deflecting dings in transit. Weighing less than the average person and measuring 6.8 feet long, 4 feet high and 1.3 feet wide, the box can easily be brought into any domain by a typical shipping company.

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Inside, Travelbox houses all of the essentials needed in an apartment. The box itself transforms into a shelving unit for clothing, books and other essentials, or can act as a room divider. Folding out from the shelving is the bed, which comes with a thin mattress and two pillows for comfort- hidden behind the shelving for added privacy. The box’s table looks like a well-designed Danish wooden table, which can double as a desk with the included chair. To complete the essentials box for the adventurer, the Travelbox also comes with a bicycle, to sustainably take you from place to place along the journey.

The Travelbox eliminates the need to buy furniture with each new temporary (or not so temporary) home, cutting down on cost and waste.

+ Stefan Juust

Via Arch Daily