The Nube` camping hammock – the flagship project of outdoor equipment manufacturer Sierra Madre Research – could be one of the most versatile tents out there. Able to suspend the user above the ground, the hammock not only sheds water, but it’s wind resistant and shields against insects. Through their recently launched Kickstarter campaign, the company is seeking to develop the patent-pending design and begin commercial production of the Nube`.

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The hammock, whose name translated from Spanish means “cloud”, is supported by “sky hooks” which hold it in constant tension and create a platform to shed water and resist wind. The openings on each side seal around the suspension lines and help keep the water or insects to enter the inside. The Insect Shield allows for air to pass through but eliminates the possibility for insects to get in during the night.

The company has produced 10 working prototypes so far and is looking to fully develop and manufacture the design for commercial use. The hammock will come in two colors – burnt orange and steel grey. The company is planning to offer different awards to Kickstarter pledgers.

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