If you shop the non-dairy section at the grocery store, you’ve probably seen Nutpods plant-based creamers lining the shelves. You may have even tried some of the many flavors. However, you probably don’t know the story of the brand or the ways it supports the environment and the community. 

Three dairy free coffee creamers in packaging of purple, blue and red against a pink background

With a home base just outside Seattle, Washington, Nutpods is squarely located in the midst of a prolific coffee culture. Of course, the Nutpods products are now dispersed far and wide, gathering a following among creamer substitute enthusiasts. Part of the excitement stems from the sheer assortment that meets just about any taste profile.

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Three non-dairy creamers amidst a paper town village

Currently, Nutpods Winter Collection is providing Peppermint Mocha, Holiday Nog and Pumpkin Spice for a limited time. Other popular flavors include French Vanilla, Sweet Creme, Toasted Marshmallow, Cinnamon Swirl, Cookie Butter, Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut and more. Options include sweetened and unsweetened flavors with a base of almond and coconut or oat milk. Nutpods are widely available in grocery stores, especially those that specialize in natural foods

Three non-dairy creamers from Nutpods sitting on stacks of white wrapped boxes

Nutpods is the first company in North America to use Plant Pack sustainable packaging technology through a partnership with Sustainable Investment Group (SIG). According to the company, the packaging contains up to 95% plant-based renewable materials. This innovative packaging is made from wood fibers and plant-based polymers that are independently audited for certification. 

A single Nutpods coffee creamer laying in the middle of a whole cake and a slice of cake

“We’re so excited to extend our plant-based story into our new plant-based packaging. One of our core company values is to reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can,” said Nutpods Founder and CEO Madeline Haydon.

A tabletop of five glasses of coffees, espressos and at the far left are two coffee creamers from Nutpods

Nutpods is dedicated to monitoring its impact at every level with transparency. Inasmuch, it proudly displays its 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report, which highlights these efforts. To enforce this mission, it’s minimized packaging by buying in bulk and seeking out other efficient options. Nutpods is also aware of waste from expired products. Instead of tossing them, the company donates short-dated goods to food banks around the country.

Three non-dairy coffee creamer from Nutpods

Lastly, Nutpods takes a stand for the environment through the production of creamers, sans the animals and the carbon footprint they leave behind. However, it also takes a social stand through donations and support for those suffering food insecurity. The company participates in a program called Feeding Friday. In 2021, the efforts added up to $572,000 in product and funding donations to fight hunger across the U.S. 

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