Shopping at your favorite organic market but worried that you left the kitchen light on? Don’t fret, just turn it off using your iPad. Designed by NXP in the Netherlands, these latest Greenchip light bulbs are fully networked like regular computers, thereby allowing users to fine tune their energy footprints wherever there is a WiFi connection. And since they operate on a different bandwidth than other WiFi gadgets (802.15.4 instead of 802.11), there should be no interference concerns.

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Any advanced compact fluorescent lights or LEDs already embedded with tiny circuit boards are ideal candidates for WiFi connectivity. They are incredibly easy to use, and don’t cost too much more than standard energy efficient light bulbs. Also, JenNet IP, the framework that allows these lights to communicate with one another, will be open sourced to ensure that there are no issues with harmonizing different platforms or products made by different manufacturers.

So, it doesn’t matter where you buy them or who provides your wireless connection, these smart lights will be compatible across the board. By the end of the year, consumers will be able to buy a five pack of these and a remote control for roughly $50 at any Home Depot or similar store!


Via Fast Company, Gizmodo