Mired in the Bayou Opens TONIGHT – Join Us at 99% Gallery!

We’re all familiar with images of the Gulf Oil Spill – hazy waters, stained shorelines and blackened, lifeless animals — but what about the human faces of the lives destroyed? Tonight Inhabitat is teaming up with 99% Gallery to present Mired in the Bayou, a thought-provoking photography and sculpture exhibit that reveals the human face of the BP disaster. This art exhibit explores a number of towns along the Gulf Coast that have been left in ruin as a result of the spill, focusing on ten stories and oil-laden remnants collected from the coast. Mired in the Bayou is a small window to a greater scene revealing how our extreme oil consumption has led the way to a devastating man-made catastrophe.

OPENING RECEPTION: October 15, 2010, 7-10 PM

LOCATION: 99% Gallery, 99 North 10th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211

+ Mired in the Bayou