Photo credit: Cook + Fox

A new restroom facility at Manhattan’s Riverside Park Clay Tennis Association should ease the bladders of many a tennis player as well as the hearts of NYC environmentalists. The center, which has no real bathroom, has hired Cook + Fox Architects to perform a feasibility study for a solar-powered restroom facility that will be be carbon neutral and will feature composting toilets.

riverside park, composting toilets, cook + fox, carbon neutral bathroom, riverside park clay tennis associationPhoto credit: NYC Department of Parks & Recreation

Owing to the fact that the city’s sewer lines don’t connect into the park, a permanent bathroom has never been installed — so users of the Riverside Park Clay Tennis Courts use portable toilets or just hold it. As you can imagine, holding it is just uncomfortable, and the players have been lobbying for real bathrooms for quite some time.

Cook + Fox Architects were hired to design an environmentally-sensitive bathroom facility, which will use solar panels to power the complex and composting toilets to manage its waste. The composted waste will then be used to fertilize the park greenery. Additionally, the facility will landscaped with native species and will be built with recycled building materials like cement made from blast furnace slag.

Ideally, the facility will begin construction by the end of next year and be finished by summer 2012.

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