Two window washers are likely pretty relieved this morning after being trapped on scaffolding at Manhattan’s newly opened 1 World Trade Center yesterday. The two experienced workers were left dangling 68-floors-up after their equipment malfunctioned. Thankfully, FDNY rescuers were able to cut through the building’s glass and save the duo from their perilous mid-air adventure.

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Rescuers were able to speak with Juan Lizama, 41, and Juan Lopez, 33, by lowering ropes to deliver a radio. Once the FDNY rescue team was able to communicate with the unlucky window washers, a plan was hatched relatively quickly to orchestrate their rescue.

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“We were just reassuring them. ‘We’re here,’” said Lt. Billy Ryan, 45, of FDNY Rescue 1. “They knew they were in a bad spot, but they’re professionals, too. They knew what was going on and they were not panicked.”

The first step was to harness the two men onto the cables so that they would be relatively secure if the scaffolding collapsed. Firefighters then cut through the thick, double-paned windows from inside the building to reach the workers. Once the all-clear was given, Lizama and Lopez were able to shimmy down the dangling scaffold and through the 2-by-8-foot hole to safety. Talk about making a clean getaway!

Via NY Daily News

Photos via NY Daily News