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The snow from last weekend’s winter storm Nemo has mostly melted, but one resilient snowman in Washington Heights simply refuses to melt! The ten-foot-tall Frosty has kept its shape, eyes, arms and hat, even after Monday’s warmer rain. The massive snowman just goes to show that conglomerating snow really does help keep it from melting – a lesson that might also be applied on a larger scale during our next snowstorm to prevent sewer flooding.

green design, eco design, sustainable design, Washington Heights Snowman, Nemo, Manhattan, New YOrk snowfall 2013, Chinatown SNowmanWe love the Chinatown Snowman, but it was no match for The Washington Heights Snowman’s tenacious bod

We’re sorry, Chinatown Snowman, but this guy makes you look like small potatoes (or is small carrots more accurate?). Holding court on 169th Street and Audubon Avenue, the snowman came into the world late Friday night at the height of the storm, and has kept its three-sectioned shape quite nicely.

The Chinatown Snowman commenting on DNAinfo’s article about the Washington Heights Snowman.

Residents of Washington Heights love the wintertime mascot, tweeting and tagging the snowman as the “#giantsnowman of #washingtonheights. The neighborhood corner has been graced with other epic snowmen in the past, with a self-proclaimed “lord of all snowmen” built by Jackman Suarez during the snow storm of 2010.

Last month, spokesman Roy Stokes of Great Britain’s Environmental Agency was criticized for claiming that building snowmen could help prevent flooding across his snowy nation. But the grand Washington Heights snowman may just be the proof he needs. Technically, if every neighborhood built massive snow guardians like these, sewer overflow from melted snow could be reduced into a gradual flow, instead of a harmful surge.

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