Sawkill Lumber has just announced the 12 designers who have been selected to participate in the first ever 12 x 12 design exhibition this spring. Debuting at Design Week in May this year, the exhibition will feature twelve unique pieces of furniture created with salvaged lumber from twelve demolished NYC buildings. These lucky designers have the unique opportunity to combine historic pieces of New York with their own contemporary ideas.

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A jury of esteemed design world big wigs including journalists, critics, architects, and interior designers, rifled through 80 submissions before filling the twelve coveted spots. The winners are Bellboy, Carlos Little, Emily A. Martinez, Tomas Daskam of Daskam & Dworkis, Design Brigade, Fiyel Levent, Fort Makers, Karl Zahn, Louis Lim, Nikolai Moderbacher, OBRA Architects, Tri-Lox, and Uhuru Design. Each designer will be randomly assigned one of the historic buildings — from a school to a factory, to even what some call the original dive, the recently closed Mars Bar on the Lower East Side. While all of the buildings hold a unique memory for the city of New York, each also contains a different variation of wood including pine, spruce, fir, and ipe. With a dream team like this, there will surely be no shortage of stylish sustainable design with a piece of history at the heart of it.

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