While newly constructed green buildings have been popping up all over NYC, there are many buildings that have achieved LEED-certification by retrofitting their existing structures, and lower Manhattan’s 125 Broad Street is a shining example. Owned by Mack-Cali, the property was the first in the area to be LEED Silver-certified for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance by the USGBC. The building, originally built in 1970, has undergone a slew of green renovations since 2007.

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The forty story building is a Class A office tower, with high end office tenants occupying each floor. When Mack-Cali acquired the property in 2007, they began a program of energy saving renovations with the help of LEED consultants, CodeGreen Solutions. First, the building’s lighting and plumbing fixtures were upgraded to energy-efficient and low-flow models, with energy saving features like motion sensors. All of the building’s air filters were then replaced with efficient ones, and a strict recycling program was implemented on each floor.

These few changes earned the building an Energy Star award from the EPA in 2010, which encouraged the green adaptations to continue. Mack-Cali then installed a high tech building management system to control electricity usage and steam and water consumption. The data retrieved from the monitoring system helps the building to figure out where to cut back, and effectively reduce their carbon footprint.

Since 2010, the building has reduced its carbon footprint by 6667 tons, and continues to score Energy Star awards. The building itself is 1.3 million square feet of office space, so achieving LEED Silver for such a huge space was no easy task. Nonetheless, 125 Broad Street has shown other office towers in downtown Manhattan that transforming an existing building into an energy efficient, LEED-rated site can be done in just a few short years.

Via Green Buildings NYC