Last week, US Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx announced $13.6 million in federal grants to boost the production of fuel cell buses. The Federal Transit Administration funding will go on to help eight projects to advance the National Fuel Cell Bus Program which aims to increase clean, green public transportation. The Obama Administration hopes the money will help energize clean-powered bus projects and reduce the cost of fuel cells for transit use while also creating American jobs and manufacturing opportunities.

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Foxx made the announcement alongside Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff at a BAE Systems plant in Endicott, NY. The plant produces hybrid propulsion systems for a number of bus lines around the country including the Tompkins Consolidated Transit Authority in Ithaca, New York. The Washington Post reports that BAE Systems alone employs about 1,300 people in central New York already.

“The Obama Administration is committed to investing in projects that bring cleaner, greener transportation options to more Americans and help our nation compete globally in the 21st century,” Foxx said in a release.

Later this year, FTA says it also expects to announce additional funding for a new Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment grant program to support a variety of commercial clean fuel technologies, including fuel cell and battery-powered buses.

via Washington Post and The Federal Transit Administration

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