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This year’s U.S. Open will be much than just an enticing tennis match – it will also be a showcase of mouthwatering local produce. For the 2012 event, the U.S. Tennis Association will be sourcing forty percent of the fare for the event from local farmers around New York State. In addition to featuring area eats, the menus will also be inspired by NY, highlighting delicacies that are native to our city and state.

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The annual tennis championships at Flushing Meadows Park in Queens attracts around 30,000 visitors a day with sizable appetites after a day of sitting in the hot sun. This year the tourney will feature a slew of exquisite restaurants in the club level, but the local feast will trickle down to even the main concession food. Local seafood will be highlighted at the Aces restaurant at Arthur Ashe Stadium, as well as regional meats at Champion’s Steakhouse. The Food Village will host a Farm 2 Fork stand with local meats and roasted veggies for tennis fans to nosh on and New York cheesemongers will also show off at the East Gate Grill with a variety of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches called smashers.

Raising the typical stadium food to the next level, the U.S. Open will be known not only for tennis, but for its sustainable menu. After the championship is over, the USTA will extend its sustainability to ethic proportions and donate all of the unused local food to City Harvest.

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