After a month of planning, NYC has finalized a program which will make 2,500 vacant apartments throughout the five boroughs available as temporary housing to those displaced by Hurricane Sandy. Working with local and federal agencies, the city program aims to alleviate strain on shelters, which is expected to increase as temperatures drop and areas remain without power. Listed on the Urban Edge website, the apartments will reportedly be leased on a first-come, first-served basis to those receiving housing assistance through FEMA.

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Curbed NY reports that those in need of housing will be able to lease either directly from landlords or by filling out an application with the city. The initial 2,500 units are likely to be supplemented by additional residences to be added to the program in the coming months. Housing non-profit Common Ground is also reported to be providing assistance by helping landlords and potential tenants navigate leasing restrictions which, in some cases, prevent landlords from offering leases under one year. In these instances Common Ground will lease the properties for the full year, and sublet to those in need of assistance.

Via Curbed NY

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