Walk down any New York sidewalk and you’re bound to see a broken chair that’s been callously thrown street side. Bastard chairs are a dime a dozen, and we tend to cast them off into dumpster doom without a care, but Brooklyn’s 31 & Change is changing all of that with their Greene Ave. Benches. The design studio is making it their mission to rescue these orphan chairs, upcycling them into a one-of-a-kind benches fit for any space.

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Each bench uses three contrasting chairs from different eras to form a new contemporary piece. All benches range in size, shape and color. The bench shown above is made from unforgiving hard-nosed Hickory and painted bright white.

Cool, unique and a great way to cut down on waste, we have to admit, 31 & Change has got us rethinking what else we could do with our dining room furniture.

+ 31 and Change

Via TheDesignerPad