Frieda Turkmenilli wasn’t too perturbed when she noticed a few bees flying around her Queens apartment. However, other residents living in the Elmhurst building were a bit more wary of the buzzing tenants and informed the property manager. Upon closer inspection, an astounding 50,000 bees were found to be living in Turkmenilli’s ceiling!

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Professional beekeepers Anthony Planakis and Larry Stone were called in to remove the bees and said that, despite years of experience, they were surprised at the large number of insects found in Turkmenilli’s ceiling. The bee professionals typically locate hidden colonies by using high-tech devices such as thermal imaging cameras to search for heat increases. Finding 50,000 of the bugs in just one apartment building, however, was a new experience for the pros.

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The industrious bees and their 17 honeycombs were humanely removed from the apartment building and will be relocated to a welcoming bee farm in Upstate New York. As for Turkmenilli, she says she’ll miss her new little friends. “Yeah! I would love to have had them and had honey, you know?” she told ABC News.

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