596 acres, I'm so lucky you found me, Paula Segal , 11 Stanwix Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn, Daniel Eizirik, the Silent Barn, vacant land, green space nyc, urban gardens, sustainability,

Eizirik, an illustrator from Brazil, spent a month sketching and interacting with Brooklyn’s vacant public land and residents, creating a series of drawings and collages that trace the debates and challenges surrounding public space in the city. Clips of honest and candid dialogue, scans of found objects, landscapes and portrait sketches are all documented within this publication to give readers a sense of resident perceptions of the occupation of vacant lands and the transformation of these plots into shared green spaces.

The resulting 80 page art book, “I’m So Lucky You Found Me”, was released this month at a launch party in The Silent Barn, a Bushwick artists’ space where 596 Acres will remain a studio resident. Each book has been individually pressed and bound by the artist and 596 Acres collaborators. “I’m So Lucky You Found Me” can be purchased online for $10 at 596acres.org.

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+ “I’m So Lucky You Found Me”