There’ll be no swan song for some lucky chickens who had the good fortune to fall off a truck in Williamsburg last week. Five dozen live chickens being transported to their slaughter were dumped on a Williamsburg street as their truck driver took a corner too fast. Now, instead of heading to slaughter, the lucky birds will live out their days in an animal sanctuary in upstate New York.

Yard Chickens

Thursday last week will most likely live forever in the minds of the grateful birds as the day their lives were saved thanks to a lead-foot truck driver. As they were on their way to the butcher market, where they would have been slaughtered and sold, the truck driver took a hard turn, subsequently dumping their boxes on the street.

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Initially, the chickens were placed under the care of the Brooklyn Animal Care Center, but have luckily found a permanent home at a Watkins Glen Farm Sanctuary, where they will live out the rest of their very lucky lives.

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