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Wolfson began recreating his beloved New York scenes in the 1980s, when the city was a much different place. Born and raised in the city, the artist decided to recreate scenes he experienced wandering around New York meticulously by hand using traditional model-making methods. Using a scale of ½ inch to one foot, he made every element and detail in the tableaus – a task that sometimes took up to nine months. Working largely from photographs, the artist also infuses some of his own imagination into the details of each represented place.

The models contain many recognizable landmarks like Katz’s Deli on the Lower East Side, complete with its famous neon pink sign, and even miniature sausages hanging in the window. The seedy casinos and peep shows of the 1980s are also represented, as well as the graffiti-filled subway cars of the past. The Brooklyn Rooftop piece depicts a more recent scene – what NYC locals consider outdoor space: a roof decked out with lawn chairs a mini pool and barbeque.

+ Alan Wolfson

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