New Yorkers may soon liken Astoria to the Alps! Sugarbush, one of Vermont’s most popular ski resorts, has proposed building a temporary slope covered in artificial snow at Astoria Park this winter. If approved by area community boards, the attraction could be a winter wonderland for city ski bunnies to sled and snowboard down all season for free.

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If given the green light, the slope would be open to the public, and children would even be able to receive ski lessons for no money at all. Jules Corkey of the Astoria Park Alliance is thrilled about the snow hill’s possibilities and Astoria’s moment in the snowy spotlight saying, “It’s a lovely service to provide to the community, it’s never been done here before.”

The Astoria Park slope would be fairly low impact (although we’re not certain whether show would have to be created artificially yet) and bring a sense of fun and community by simply adding a bonus feature to a park they already love. Sugarbush is also planning to include trailers for changing areas, storage, and snacks. A few more boards need to approve the plan before it moves ahead, but we will certainly keep our fingers crossed!

via DNA info

images © trysil and skippy