Midtown’s brand new Hunt & Fish Club Restaurant may echo old New York glamour, but its sprawling living wall elevates the venue into modernity. Designed by Studio Iyor, the lush vertical garden hugs the eatery’s rear marble dining room. The verdant focal point spans the entire length of the room, and is equipped with a built-in self-watering system that keeps it looking fresh and beautiful.

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Restaurateur Eyten Sugarman’s vision for the new Times Square hotspot was Frank Sinatra-inspired glamour combined with fine art and a natural element. Artist Roy Nachum was chosen to adorn the restaurant’s walls with his work, and Studio Iyor was picked to design the interior. Cascading LED light formations were installed around the bar and restaurant, bringing a warm and sustainable glow to the dining areas.

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The Green Room is an unlikely oasis in the middle of Times Square. An oval LED light installation adorns the private marble dining room, contrasting the deep green of the living wall with gleaming silver. The wall, made from climbing ivy foliage, is reflected in an adjacent mirrored wall, giving the room an overall green color palette. The plants will flourish thanks to a self-watering system, as well as an arched glass ceiling, which gives the room a Victorian greenhouse feel and floods it with natural sunlight during the day.

The Hunt & Fish Club has no plans to use the living wall to grow fresh herbs for the restaurant, but we think it’d be a great idea, don’t you?

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