Tourists who missed the High Line while staying in NYC may soon be able to get a last-minute taste of the popular park right if JetBlue gets its way. The airline is hoping to create a snippet of the famous elevated park on top of its forthcoming international extension at Terminal 5 at JFK in Jamaica, Queens. If approved, the unexpected green space would give travelers the unique experience of frolicking in a park right before takeoff.

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JetBlue’s new extension opened on November 12th and allows international travelers to land in Terminal 5, rather than in Terminal 4 as they had been previously while the airline began to grow out of their space at JFK. But rather than just excite customers with additional gates and space, JetBlue wants to take the experience at Terminal 5 to the next level.

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Instead of waiting around buying overpriced candy or reading magazines, JetBlue customers may soon be able to take a stroll through the proposed park before catching a flight. The lush park will overlook the airfield, with a view of Manhattan in the distance.

The presence of a green space, though small, could change the flying experience, especially for those stuck at the airport with long layovers.

Via NY Times

Terminal 5 image ©Robert S. Donovan